Monthly Picture Contest

We are excited to announce that every month starting September, we will run a contest with a $100 prize. The rules are simple..


Contest Rules:

  • You must own a GENUINE Aifi diaper bag that was bought from Any counterfeit Aifi products will unfortunately, disqualify you. 
  • For security purposes, we do not allow direct photo uploads on the site. Please use an image sharing website such as Google Photos or
  • Each contest begins on the FIRST day of the month and ends on the LAST day. Winner is announced the following day by email.
  • The winner will receive a $100 Aifi gift voucher OR $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • The winner  will also be getting added to the "Pictures of the Month" board on our homepage.
  • Posting the image on your personal IG/FB and using that as your entry (a link to the public post) will likely work in your favor with the judges since we aim for brand recognition. Don't forget to put

To Enter:

1. Take a photograph with the bag visible.
2. Upload photograph to any image hosting website of your choice. We recommend, OR uploading to your social media account with somewhere in your description and then sending us a link. This will likely work in your favor during voting.  
3. Fill out the form below with your order # and full name. Don't forget to add the link to the photo/post.
4. We will contact you first or second day of the month if you have won!

How Voting Works:

  • There will be THREE judges from our team that will be rating your  photographs on a 1-10 scale according to..
    • Scene (ie. beautiful nature)
    • Quality of the photograph
    • The # of characters in it (ie. babies, parents, pets)
    • Camera skill (ability to manipulated the photograph beyond just taking a photo, ie. depth of field, color gradients, etc.)
    • You can even post on your social media (Instagram, Facebook. No matter the follower count) with a tag to help our brand recognition. Please send a link to your FB/IG post with your entry (make sure it isn't set to private. Doing this will likely work in your favor. If you post on social media, you DO NOT need to upload the image anywhere else. As long as we can see it and take a screenshot, your entry will be valid and added into the contestant pool.
    • Other factors we are not anticipating until we start seeing all your pictures and posts next month! Good luck!



Good Luck!